The meaning of our 35th-anniversary LOGO

In 2017 we marked our final mortgage payment and our 35th Anniversary. It was a time to celebrate.

Two of our members were tasked with designing the logo to kick off our new future. They were asked to provide something in orange and green, that reflected the ancient proverb, “the end of something marks the start of something new.”

“Orange” was the original colour of our building. Hugh Garner Co-op came to be known for many years as “the Big Orange.” Some of us will remember this. (As in all villages over time, stories abound and there’s an interesting story here.)

“Green” is the colour we have come to embrace over the last twelve plus years. It reflects our commitment to and the strides we have made to honour the environment and the world around us, through sound environmental protection policy. Our Green Roof is a great example of this policy in action. (And there are interesting stories here too.)

The old proverb never tires. As Hugh Garner celebrates its 35th year and the end of our mortgage, we stand on a new threshold. We are embarking on a journey of independence that will require all our vision, intellect, and courage.

“Blue” is the colour of intellect and courage and tells us “the sky’s the limit.”

Spaceship Hugh Garner is constructed of leaves, powered by cooperative energy, and encircled by the light of day and the heavens at night. This is our home.

Thankfully, we are standing on the “backs of giants” who over 35 years established the bedrock for our future. We are deeply grateful to those who have gone before, given us the support and taken the actions that have brought us to today.

Now, together with our friends and neighbours, empowered by our cooperative energy, we are ready to go boldly forward, to embrace this new future that is opening before us.


Hugh Garner Housing Cooperative
550 Ontario Street
Toronto, Ontario M4X 1X3